Tourbillon:  Open Version  Nr. 12  Specifications

Movement: mechanical, manual wound, individual made, with old traditional watchmakingtools. Frequency: 18000 pulsations / hour.50 hour power reserve, Unique construction of planetary gear mechanism to operate Powerreserve.

Moonphases: 24karat yellow gold inlay, Blued moondial, tempered, adjustment with Bottom, right lower side. Open construction to encrease visibility of wheels, and Tourbillon. Hand polished steelparts+anglage.

Dial: blue, guilloche with individual made basket motiv

Case: Platinum, in two parts, threaded caseback

Not for sale.

Steelparts, bridges, etc. (See Picture), are highly polished and shaped into various designs. Attention is given to anglage and curved surfaces. This process is performed by hand, with little grinding and polishingsticks, Material will be removed ,like creating a sculptur. The process is very timeconsuming. (See Picture right side)

There are still individuel made Timepieces under construction. Christian Klings